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STORICO Sdn Bhd, Malaysia authorised distributor on JAVIN access control and IDIS CCTV solutions in Malaysia.

Security Systems - CCTV, Door access control, Intruder alarm, Perimeter fencing, Barrier gate and other

IT Infrastructure - Networking solutions & Telecommunications

Today, we are living world of fiber optic, no matter you are at home or office, it just around you. When you surfing on the net, is fiber optic carry the signal to your device. When you make a call, fiber optic carry the voice to your side.

Fiber optic apply to all industry in the world which cover express highway, industrial, commercial, goverment, office and education sector.

IDIS Surveillance

Largest video surveillance manufacturer in South Korea. Network IP CCTV & Analog CCTV surveillance system and monitoring recording equipments

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JAVIN Access Control

Door access control, gate access control, lift access control, door lock & biometric. JAVIN's solution provide entry level solution for small business till professional level enterprise

door access control
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